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miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Democrats Discussing Replacing Nancy Pelosi with… MAXINE WATERS!

As calls for the resignation of Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader continue to grow exponentially by Democrats, some are calling for her replacement to be none other than Maxine Waters!

That would be the greatest gift the Democrats could give the Republican party minus raising Ronald Reagan from the dead.
In fact, I myself am here to endorse Maxine Waters for the position of Minority Leader for the Democrats. I might even contribute some money!

Aunt Maxine for the Democrats Minority Leader!
Actor James Woods is also on board, as when the news reached him, he was glad to Tweet his support! He tweeted, “If there is a God in Heaven…”


Sarah Palin first broke the news at SarahPalin.com:

Following reports that more than half of House Democrats are calling for new leadership to replace Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, some have apparently floated the idea of promoting Rep. Maxine Waters.
Waters is the poster girl for the “impeach 45” movement and has represented Californians for numerous decades.


It’s no doubt that she would be a horrible Minority Leader, but would be good for the Republicans.

Aunt Maxine for the Democrats Minority Leader!

Just recently, a black female Trump supporter lit into Waters. She exclaimed that Waters  pro-illegal immigration policies have destroyed the black community.

“Maxine Waters destroyed the black community!” the woman shouted into a megaphone. “She has to go! She’s paid taxpayer money to discriminate against American citizens. And we’re not going to have it! She’s been in office too long doing nothing!”

“She lied to the black community, saying she was going to bring us jobs,” she added. “She gave those jobs to illegal criminals! We want her out! She’s been in office for too long and she’s already showing signs of dementia! She’s a hater!”

The woman also blasted Waters for her blatant racism.

“People are tired with your hate and your racism!” she yelled. “All the jobs went to illegals! You have destroyed the black community!”

“You are a black racist!” the woman continued. “You hate blacks! All the jobs went to illegals! You gave our jobs to illegals! We want you out!”

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by Gary Maher via USA Politics Today

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