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miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017


The fake news media have been ramping up their attacks against the President recently. However it seemed to have backfired, as it turns out that they are in fact the unpopular ones.

The lying liberal media has been working to take him down since that he was elected, i mean January 20th was the day in which, seemingly every reporter in America woke up and decided to all of a sudden do there job. Which is 100% fine, however it’s not that simple as for 8 years they did nothing but praise,spin and and successful manipulate narratives for Obama. However now they are doing nothing but bash,criticise,slander and put NEGATIVE spins of narratives for Trump.

However, there work seemed to have FAILED.

As A new Gallup poll is now showing that FEWER THAN 3 in 10 Americans have “confidence” in print or TV news.

These results are proof that President Trump is breaking and WINNING against the fake news media.

From Washington Examiner

The media is taking it on the chin in the era of “fake news.”

According to Gallup, less than three in 10 Americans have “confidence” in TV news and newspapers — and that is better than it was last year.

In its latest survey, just 27 percent have confidence in newspapers.

For TV, it’s even worse — 24 percent.

“From a long-range perspective, confidence in newspapers hasn’t been high at any point over the past 30 years; the highest was 39 percent in 1990. The 27 percent who express confidence this year is the highest recorded since 2011,” Gallup said.

“Americans are no more confident in television news than in newspapers. As the line between news and opinion is often blurred on cable networks, 24 percent of U.S. adults say they possess confidence in television news. Still, this is up from the record low of 18 percent in 2014 and is the highest since 2011,” it added.

H/T – http://ift.tt/J32eo3

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by Oliver Dollimore via USA Politics Today

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