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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Surprising! Guess Who Admits There Is No Evidence To Confirm Trump / Russia Collusion, It’s Not Who You Think

California Rep. Adam Schiff, who is the positioning individual from the House Intelligence Committee supervising one investigation concerning the asserted collusion between President Trump and additionally his staff with Russian specialists has conceded there is no confirmation of collusion. Will that stop the Democrats? Dubious?

Via The Daily Caller:

The 11-month-old investigation into whether President Trump or members of his campaign has been colluded with Russians has yet to come up with any evidence that is strong enough to put it before a panel.

That’s according to California Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees one of the parallel investigations into whether the members of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Kremlin to influence the outcome of the election.

“I’m not ready to say that there’s a proof you could take to a jury,” Schiff told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz on Sunday when asked if he saw a proof of a collusion.

As a leader of the House Committee, Schiff has been able to review classified information held by various agencies of the intelligence community. He also sat in on briefings with FBI officials to review information in the case.

Though Schiff acknowledged that he had not seen evidence that was strong enough to present to a jury, he believes that the investigation is warranted. He asserted that when the FBI opened its investigation last July, the Bureau had a good cause to do so.

“I can say that there is enough that we should investigate,” Schiff said Sunday.

“Indeed, it would be negligent for us not to investigate. If a foreign government … has something that they can hang over the head of our President or our administration that can influence U.S. Policy, it’s very much in our national security interest to know it. “

The President has been doing exactly what other presidents have done since the US began and the Democrats are just bad losers who act like spoiled children.

From my viewpoint, the entire thing is a major publicity battle to keep Trump tied up with unlimited investigations concerning his activities and claims so he can’t do what he was chosen for. To fix Barack Obama’s globalist motivation.

Trump was chosen since he was stating what conservatives needed to hear and he’s attempting to get it fulfilled, however, the liberals are doing everything comprehensible to frustrate him. They are acting in opposition to the will of the dominant part of American voters. We need them to escape Trump’s direction and simply observe what can be refined. They may be astounded by the positive changes he could make if given the possibility!

What do you think about this? Do not hesitate and write your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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