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jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

UNREAL! Obama Wastes 650 Security Guards to Protect Him in Indonesia

While the Liberal Media complains when President Trump uses secret service to protect his family, they don’t seem to mind when ex-President Obama wastes 650 security forces to protect himself in Indonesia.

That is not a typo. 650.

For someone who claimed to be aligned with the poor, Obama clearly has pretty “royal demands.”


Barack Obama has ended a five-day family holiday to Indonesia by visiting Yogyakarta, an ancient and artsy city around which his anthropologist mother spent years doing research into village life.

The former US president – who lived in Indonesia during his childhood – his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, had spent three days in the resort island of Bali, where they were photographed river rafting.

The former first family arrived by private jet on Wednesday to a military airport in Yogyakarta, where authorities said about 650 Indonesian security forces were deployed to protect them.

First on their itinerary for the two-day visit was Borobudur, a ninth-century Buddhist temple complex.

They are also expected to visit the Hindu temple of Prambanan.

Watch the video:

by TruthFeedNews via TruthFeed

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