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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

VIDEO: Another Bungled Presser, is Nancy Pelosi Suffering From Dementia?

Nancy Pelosi is crossing the threshold of “comic relief” to “alarming concern.”

In all seriousness, she appears to have some serious challenges remembering even the most basic things, like WHO THE CURRENT PRESIDENT IS.

During yet another bungled and confused press conference, Pelosi lost her train of thought.

She was unable to remember her “Russia accusations” just 6 minutes after making them.

This is not funny anymore; this woman is representing an entire district in Congress, and appears to be suffering from a “condition.”

Her behavior naturally leads one to wonder, does Nancy Pelosi actually suffer from Dementia?

Watch the video:

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.

by Amy Moreno via TruthFeed

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