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miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

VIDEO : Don Lemon Urges Media to Disobey WH and “Turn the Cameras On”

CNN’s Don Lemon is encouraging civil disobedience in the White House.

The liberal media has really had a bee in their bonnet due to the White House policy of holding press conferences without filming.

Cry baby Jim Acosta and Don Lemon discuss this “blackballing” by the White House, and Lemon suggests that CNN should just disobey provisions and turn their cameras on.

Acosta chimes in and says “Would they take our press credentials away? I don’t know. Would they kick me out of the White House if I were to start rolling with my phone? I don’t know.”

“Crying Jim” may not get his chance to find out, considering CNN has just been embroiled in a fake news scandal and exposed for the propagandist liars they are- the “news” network may find themselves banned from going back into the White House after this!

Watch the video:

by Eren Moreno via TruthFeed

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