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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Who Crazy Cory Booker Compares WWII Veterans to is AUDACIOUS

Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat representing New Jersey, made an outrageous comparison at a Planned Parenthood rally recently.

Booker, who is known for making outlandish comments, likened World War II veterans who “stormed the beaches of Normandy” to Planned Parenthood supporters, who wear vagina-themed knit hats and storm the streets of liberal cities.

Furthering his outrageous rant, Booker went on to compare supporters of the abortion mill to Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman as well.

This is just further proof that Democrats are completely detached from reality, and live in a fantasy world of their own.

The audacity to compare butt-hurt liberals to the brave men of World War II is both shocking and disgusting, and showcases the left’s ignorance and indecency well.

From The Blaze

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) on Wednesday likened Planned Parenthood supporters to American veterans who “stormed the beaches of Normandy” during World War II.

Booker made the comment during a Planned Parenthood rally in Washington, D.C., where protesters voiced opposition to the Senate Republican health care bill, which would block Medicaid funds for the organization of abortion-providing clinics for at least one year.

“Your country needs you,” Booker told rallygoers. “This is our generation’s great moral moment.”

The senator said that opposing the Senate GOP health care bill is “a chance for us to stand in front of the forces that want to twist and contort the ideals of our country, to being a place for the rich and the privileged, and where the many of us suffer and struggle — that is not the American calling; that is not the American character.”

In another part of the speech, Booker likened Planned Parenthood supporters to American World War II heroes at Normandy:

We may not be called to storm beaches in Normandy.

That was not our time.

We may not be called to stand with Sojourner truth and utter those words, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

We may not be called to stand in the slums with Irish immigrants who fought for labor rights that we now take for granted.

We may not be called to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with John Lewis and other activists, facing tear gas and billy clubs.

Those were not our days.

But today is our day.

Booker called upon Planned Parenthood supporters to “summon the strength” of American civil rights icons and “fight with their determination.”

I call upon you to summon the strength of Frederick Douglass, to summon the strength of a Harriet Tubman, to summon the strength of a Cesar Chavez, to summon the strength of a Harvey Milk.

This is the time for us to summon the strength of our ancestors and fight with their determination, and fight with their will, and fight with their love, with their love, with their love.

by Just In via TruthFeed

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