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domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Dinesh D’Souza EXPOSES “The Big Lie”

Bestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza brought Hillary and Obama to their knees with his books/movies that exposed their lies and hidden agendas.

Now, he’s doing the same against the liberal forces who are plotting and planning to bring down our America First President.

D’Souza has written a new blockbuster book called “The Big Lie,” which takes aim at the liberal media, deep state, and Democrats who are a weaving a web of lies, trying to snare President Trump and destroy his America First agenda.

Dinesh, who is a gifted storyteller, in on a mission to expose all of these liars once and for all.

Watch the video:

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.

by Amy Moreno via TruthFeed

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