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lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

LOL : Michael Moore Claims Trump LOST the Election but Twitter Sets him Straight!

Liberal lunatic Michael Moore has been on an anti-Trump rampage lately.

Yes, I know he always rails against President Trump, but he seems extremely butt-hurt lately.

My theory is, the left is growing more and more frustrated as the Russia conspiracy theory falls apart, and they’re lashing out.

They realize that their fantasy of somehow impeaching the president based on the false narrative of a Russian-related conspiracy theory was just a dream, and now that dream is over, so they’re freaking out.

Michael Moore took to Twitter and attacked President Trump, calling him a “loser,” and declared that he “lost” the election on November 8.

Say what?

Uh, he’s in the White House, dude…

I think he’s actually the “WINNER.”

Needless to say, Twitter responded hilariously, and quickly set the tubby documentary filmmaker straight.

H/T – The Blaze

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.

by Amy Moreno via TruthFeed

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