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domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Look at His Facebook Post. He’s 100% SERIOUS!

Mohamed Elmouelhy is considered a leader in the Muslim community.

So now we finally see a blunt admission of the philosophy that Angela Merkel and Europe has opened their borders to.

And they are surprised when their cultures become plagued with rape and violence?

From RT

Mohamed Elmouelhy, the head of the Halal Certification Authority in Australia, wrote on his Facebook page that Australian women needed male Muslims because men in the country “are a dying breed.”

“Australian women need us to fertilize them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of,” his post read.

He added that Muslims “have a duty to make your [Australian women] happy.”

Elmouelhy concluded that the white race in the country “will be extinct in another 40 years” if Australia “is left to bigots.”

He advised Australian men to “better go choose a plot for yourself at your local cemetery” and “if you can’t afford it, commit suicide.”

The initial comment seemed to be deleted, but screenshots as well as multiple news reports prompted a wave of anger in the comments to his posts and beyond.

by TruthFeedNews via TruthFeed

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