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lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

One BIG Liberal Publication Just Threw in the Towel on Russia Collusion Theory

The Trump/Russia collusion theories are completely falling apart, leaving liberals and the mainstream media unsure of what to do with themselves.

Many liberals are abandoning the conspiracy theory, but one big publication just officially gave up: The Washington Post.

From the moment Trump was elected president, The Washington Post was one of the main aggressors pushing the narrative that Russia helped Trump win the election.

For months, this liberal rag and their cohorts in the fake news media relentlessly promoted this false narrative, and now, their favorite topic is officially dead.

The fact that this topic has been thoroughly debunked and proven to be founded in lies has pulled the rug out from under the fake news media, and liberals everywhere are in a panic over it.

The Democrats and their compatriots in the lying media have built this ridiculous lie up to epic proportions, and now that it is no longer viable, they are caught in a downward spiral.

From The Washington Post

While everyone is fixated on President Trump’s unbecoming and inexplicable assault on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the media has been trying to sneak away from the “Russian collusion” story. 

That’s right.

For all the breathless hype, the on-air furrowed brows and the not-so-veiled hopes that this could be Watergate, Jared Kushner’s statement and testimony before Congress have made Democrats and many in the media come to the realization that the collusion they were counting on just isn’t there.

As the date of the Kushner testimony approached, the media thought it was going to advance and refresh the story.

But Kushner’s clear, precise and convincing account of what really occurred during the campaign and after the election has left many of President Trump’s loudest enemies trying to quietly back out of the room unnoticed.

Cable news airtime and in-print word count dedicated to the nonexistent collusion story appear to be dwindling. 

Democrats and their allies in the media seem less eager to talk about it, and when they do, they say something to the effect of “but, but, but … Kushner didn’t answer every question … He wasn’t under oath … There are still more witnesses … What about this or that new gadfly?”

They are stammering.

And it hasn’t taken long for news producers and editors to realize that the story is fading.

by Eren Moreno via TruthFeed

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