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domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

THIS is Why Trump is Hunting MS-13

During Donald Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 U.S. President election, much of the focus was on the problem of illegal immigration, especially the dangers of gang members from Mexico.

Trump spoke about the massive amounts of crime which were coming from illegal Mexican immigrants, specifically the notorious gang called MS-13.

Now that Trump is President, he’s taking the steps to allow federal immigration officers and all police forces in America to crack down on illegal immigration and gangs, and he’s taking aim at MS-13 by putting them front and center.

MS-13 is widely known as the most violent and feared gang in the Western world, and have used brutal tactics to dominate much of Latin America, and have spent the past decade carving out a strong foothold in the United States.

The gang actually revels in violence, and engages in acts so heinous that normal people could not begin to fathom.

The level of violence and depravity of this particular gang is unlike anything ever seen before from a cartel, and under Obama’s weak leadership, they have thrived and run rampant on U.S. soil.

The gang goes back to the 1980’s, most people agree that it started in California, and was comprised mostly of Central Americans.

According to many founding members, MS-13 was actually started by El Salvadorians in Los Angeles, and was initially not focused on criminal activity, but was instead a way to stick together and defend each other.

Over time, leadership changed, and the gang became involved in crime and violence, which eventually lead them to become the most feared gang on the street.

MS-13 has become a massive problem in the United States, and is responsible for a massive portion of drugs which enter the country. They’re also established in human trafficking, bringing illegal immigrants into America, prostitution and sex trafficking, extortion, robbery, and auto-theft.

Most of all, however, MS-13 is known for their extreme brutality and violence, an area which they eclipse all other gangs.

In the gang world, might makes right, and the most violent and dangerous gangs usually control the most turf, and always demand more respect in general.

MS-13 has cornered the market on gang violence, and have outdone larger gangs for their creative and highly disturbing brand of it.

The gang is known for targeting anyone and everyone who crosses them in the slightest, brutally torturing and murdering them, and then torturing, raping, and murdering their family and friends.

These tactics have been highly effective in catapulting MS-13 into the ranks of much larger, more established gangs and cartels, and they have used their reputation for extreme violence to cement their legacy and keep the competition at bay.

As the gang continued to grow in America, largely under former President Obama’s weak immigration policy and anti-police stance, so did the levels of violent crime and drugs.

Gang related murders have plagued areas MS-13 occupies, especially California, and drugs have flooded our streets and killed our native citizens.

Unlike Obama, however, President Trump has a long history of being vocal about eradicating this gang, going back before his candidacy in the 2016 election race.

Recently, Trump described that massive amounts of crimes that have been perpetrated by MS-13, calling them “animals,“ and calling for 10,000 additional ICE officers to help get these dangerous thugs out of our cities.

Trump has vowed to rid the streets of these brutal and savage criminals, and has encouraged law enforcement to arrest and deport MS-13, and the police are definitely doing their best to accomplish just that.

Recently, Trump has given ICE the green light to arrest and deport illegal aliens, with a special interest in MS-13.

The president has said many times that this gang in particular must be eradicated, and is working towards achieving that goal.

The battle against this deeply embedded foreign criminal enterprise will be a long one, but President Trump is not one to ever give up.

Watch the video:

H/T – PatriotBeat

by Just In via TruthFeed

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