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lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Turns Out Hollywood Celebs are the Biggest Purveyors of FAKE NEWS

Since the inauguration of President Trump, we’ve heard some pretty outlandish claims from the left.

It seems every deranged liberal celebrity, musician, or social justice warrior with a moderate degree of notoriety has come out of the woodwork to besmirch our president.

In the haze of violent threats, open calls for assassination, and other anti-Trump comments, something that often goes over looked is the number of liberals who are claiming that Trump is somehow suffering from a mental disorder of some kind.

A simple Google search is enough to show that this “make Trump look crazy” agenda is not a conspiracy theory, try it for yourself and see.

Just search for “Trump mental disorder” and you’ll see tons of poorly written propaganda from USA Today, AOL, Salon, Forbes, Vanity Fair, and a host of other left-wing rags.

This is a coordinated effort to portray our President as incompetent or unfit to serve, and it’s disgusting.

In May, “Dixie Chicks” singer Natalie Maines, a notorious liberal and well known idiot, said that Trump had a mental illness.
Patton Oswald, a pathetic and wretched little man, said “He won’t get less crazy, you know that.”

“He is a very sick untreated mentally ill 70 yr old man…” said Rosie O’Donnell.

D-List comedian Sarah Silverman stated “The good news is paranoid sociopaths in positions of power always works out great!”

Windbag and wannabe resistance leader Michael Moore also added “As the paranoia now grows at an extreme rate, the sociopath becomes a psychopath and the country – the planet – faces a painful decision…”

When taking their comments into context, it becomes clear that they’re pushing an agenda.

It’s enough to make you wonder, are they actually meeting up somewhere to discuss this?

Do they have conference calls, and sit around organizing and tweaking their narrative?

It wouldn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen the left use the same tactic, so why doubt that now?

The really ironic part is, most of these celebrities are indeed suffering from a host of mental illnesses and instability themselves.

Just looking at their social media pages is enough to prove that most, if not all, of these celebrities are walking case-studies in some psychological disorder or another, and in many cases, multiple and overlapping issues.

Rosie O’Donnell has never exactly been known as a pillar of sanity, but looking at her Twitter page today will show you just how far she’s fallen, she’s now completely obsessed with Trump, and literally spends her every waking moment talking about him online.

Patton Oswald, whose career never really amounted to much anyway, also seems to focus his time badmouthing President Trump nonstop.

Michael Moore has taken it a step beyond the rest, and has essentially devoted his life (which may not be long, given his morbid obesity) to rebelling against President Trump.

Moore seems to have been unable to tell the difference between fact and fantasy, as he as come to fancy himself as something of a revolutionary leader these days.

In fact, it would take a team of psychiatric professionals to figure out everything wrong with this idiot; from his eating disorder to his delusions of grandeur.

There are many more examples, but the point is clear: this is another angle that the left has chosen to play, and while it didn’t take off like the “Russian Collusion” narrative, it was manufactured in just the same way.

It appears that “the powers that be” who are enemies of both President Trump and the people who elected him, decided to throw several things at the wall and see what stuck.

The “Trump is mentally unstable” thing didn’t really stick, but it doesn’t stop them from occasionally revisiting it.

Additionally, in a blatant example of liberal hypocrisy, the left-wing celebrities who all mock Trump and claim he has a “mental disorder” are the same people who feigned outrage when President Trump allegedly (proven false) mocked a reporter for being disabled.

These people are incensed when anyone says something like transgenderism is a mental disorder, or even makes a joke, yet they’re quick to throw around labels and accusations of serious mental illness when it suits their agenda.

H/T – PatriotBeat 

by Just In via TruthFeed

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