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domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

U.S. Sends a STRONG Warning to North Korea with THIS Military Response

After North Korea’s recent test of yet another intercontinental ballistic missile, as well as outright threats against the United States by its leader, Kim Jong-un, the U.S. and allies have sent a strong message.

Immediately after North Korea’s most recent missile test, The U.S. flew two bomber aircraft, escorted by South Korean fighters, over the country to let them know we mean business, and we’re not backing down.

Military sources in Washington D.C. have also stated that the U.S. has ready to strike a nuclear weapons development facility in North Korea, and many have speculated that President Trump is planning to order military action against the rogue nation very soon.

Kim Jong-un’s comments, in which he bragged about being able to hit the United States with an ICMB, have ratcheted up tension between the two countries, and after his direct threat, it is likely that military force will eventually be used.

North Korea has repeatedly flouted sanctions and efforts to de-escalate tensions between their isolationist nation and the rest of the world, and have recently drawn the ire and condemnation of their neighboring countries, including Japan, South Korea, and even China.

From The Sun

DONALD Trump ‘is to order a military strike against North Korea within a year’ after Kim Jong-un’s military boasted it had fired a ballistic missile capable of hitting the US.

Senior military sources in Washington have reportedly claimed Pentagon officials have laid out plans to obliterate a nuclear weapons facility operating deep within a mountain range inside the rogue state.

The news comes hours after the US flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula  in a show of force against North Korea.

The B-1 bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets as they performed a low-pass over an air base near the South Korean capital of Seoul before returning to the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

The US Air Force said the mission was a response to consecutive ICBM tests by Kim this month.

Analysts say flight data from the second test conducted Friday night showed that a broader part of mainland America, including Los Angeles and Chicago, is now in range of Pyongyang’s weapons.

“North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability,” said Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander.

“Diplomacy remains the lead. However, we have a responsibility to our allies and our nation to showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for the worst-case scenario.”

He added: ” If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing.”

The United States often sends powerful warplanes in times of heightened animosities with North Korea.

B-1 bombers have been sent to South Korea for flyovers several times this year in response to North Korea’s banned missile tests, and also following the death of a US college student after he was released by North Korean in a coma.

The Hwasong-14 ICBM, which the North first tested on July 4, is the highlight of several new weapons systems Pyongyang launched this year.

by Just In via TruthFeed

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