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sábado, 29 de julio de 2017

WATCH : McCain’s 2016 Election Ad on Obamacare Is the OPPOSITE of What He Did

We all know John McCain is a lying, venomous traitor, but now we have the video footage to back it up.

Only a year ago, McCain put out an ad in which he vowed to put an end to Obamacare, something many other GOP candidates echoed in a bid for election or re-election.

However, when given the opportunity to actually repeal the disastrous Obamacare policy, the traitorous John McCain stabbed America in the back instead, and cast the deciding vote AGAINST repealing it.

What a spineless, backstabbing traitor; he’ll say or do anything to gain favor from his constituents at any given time, but never had any plans on following through with his promises.

McCain is a self-serving establishment elitist, who has lined his pockets and grown wealthy from a career in politics.

He does not represent the American people, and has no interest in doing anything other than serving himself and his elite group of “ruling class” buddies, as well as his special interests groups.

Watch the video:

by Eren Moreno via TruthFeed

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