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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

ANTIFA Thug Unmasked And Arrested! It Turns Out Women Are A Huge Part Of This Violent Organization!

The American people watched in fear as a chopper video revealed a huge number of ANTIFA thugs chasing down a single Trump supporter like a group of starving wolves. After they finally captured the Trump supporter, they enclosed him and started to beat him pitilessly. There was no law enforcement in sight.

We had a special discussion with a Bernie Sanders ally who is additionally a Berkeley resident. He was crushed after wanting to help and defend the actual free speech rights associated with Trump supporters. Furthermore, this Sanders supporter was stunned to find out that one from the Soros backed, ANTIFA thugs was a woman. He didn’t agree with anything they were standing for, however, he still considered they had a right to free speech. He thought that ANTIFA, BAMN, and Black Lives Matter had absolutely no business applying physical violence.

Watch the way the “tough woman” who wore a mask, responded to the actual Berkeley law enforcement officers. They, based on the Bernie Sanders ally, had mainly relocated to the edge of the physical violence. They were letting it take place. Furthermore, for everyone who is has a difficult time trusting that women really are a part of this particular violent organization, take a look at this disgusting thug cry just like a baby whilst disrespecting the Berkeley law enforcement officers who imprisoned her.

ANTIFA thugs beat, after which poured pee on the tiny team of Trump supporters who arrived to help a Trans woman in MLK Park who arranged a rally for peace.


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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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