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martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

BREAKING : Katrina Pierson Emerging as Candidate to Replace Scaramucci

After Reince Priebus was named Chief of Staff, many Trump voters felt that many of his staffing decisions favored too many GOP establishment types over Trump loyalists.

Trump’s base has a long memory, and many did not forget that it was only months earlier in March of 2016 during the GOP nomination race that Reince pushed the narrative that the GOP would follow the rules of an “open convention” by the book even if Trump had accumulated the most delegates. This led to speculation he might try to force feed one of his buddies, Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney into the mix.

Reince then went on to encourage Trump to drop out of the race altogether in October after the access Hollywood leak.  However, by January, after Trump’s historic victory, all was forgotten and Reince was somehow able to cajole his way into the critical Chief of Staff position.

One of Reince’s very first questionable hiring decisions was choosing Sean Spicer, who came out of nowhere, over Trump’s national spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who had been fighting for the Trump movement and battling the “Destroy Trump”  left from the very beginning.

While Anthony Scaramucci’s tenure as National Communications was brief, one thing he did accomplish was to successfully oust suspected leaker Reince.

Now, with Reince, Sean Spicer, and Scaramucci all out of the picture, many are speculating that the cards are perfectly lined up for Katrina Pierson to return to the White House as the new Director of Communications.

In an new Op-Ed, Pablo Manriquez explain why Katrina Pierson would make for a natural choice.

Katrina is not a government bureaucrat seeking to drone on through talking points. She’s not a calm, stealthy knife fighter in the political sense either. Instead she has the heart of a revolutionary and capable of attacking with quick interruptions that cut her opponents flow a laser. Make it personal on-air with Katrina and you better be prepared for the punditry equivalent of the quick, blinding rage of an atom bomb.

Meritocracy is important to me. During Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Campaign’ for the White House, no campaign spokesperson spoke to more top reporters on-the-record in a given day than Katrina Pierson.

Katrina is the first and only professional spokesperson Trump’s complete #MAGA Agenda. She has translated Trump for millions of viewers and listeners around the world. Katrina is fluid, fearless, disciplined, and fiercer than any imitator in political broadcasting. In 2015, #MAGA was unstoppable not because Trump woke up earlier and meaner than any morning show interviews our nation’s campaign politics had ever seen. After sweeping the early morning shows, Katrina stepped in to take questions about what her boss, the candidate, Donald Trump, the one candidate no one on either side of the party divide took seriously.

Soon the same was true of Katrina Pierson. POTUS often boasts of beating 16 GOP candidates for the primary nomination. This is true, not at all fake news. Trump beat the candidates on the debate state, but the vast majority of direct confrontations between the Trump campaign and their opponents were in dogfight debates and hostile news interviews on every major English-language politics broadcast in America and soon, abroad.

There is no broadcast spokesperson in politics with as much on-the-record breadth of Katrina’s experience as the first and best press secretary of Trump’s #MAGA Nation. This includes thousands of segments on domestic and international television and radio — literally thousands.

Another sign that Pierson could make an ideal new Director of Communication? Liberals on Twitter are TERRIFIED of the idea.

Katrina reacted to the news of Scaramucci’s dismissal by giving him credit for stopping leaks.

She  is known for her many TV appearances, where she waltzes into liberal media enemy territory and smiles while the guests she is debating have their heads explode because they can not handle conservative common sense.

Katrina is friendly with President Trump and recently visited the White House.

What do you think? Should Katrina Pierson be considered for Director of Communications?



by TruthFeedNews via TruthFeed

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