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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

BREAKING : Police Officer Dies in Houston as Death Toll Rises

In a tragic turn of events, the death toll has risen to 15 in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Sadly, a police officer in Houston drowned in the storm, after taking a wrong turn while trying out different routes to work.

The officer was a 30-year veteran of the Houston police department, and was unable to exit his vehicle when he was caught in the rising waters.

From The Hill

A Houston police officer drowned on his way to work Sunday, The Houston Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

“He was trying different routes, and took a wrong turn,” one official told the newspaper.

The officer’s family has yet to be officially notified, as crews work to recover his body.The officer, a 30-year veteran of the city’s police department, unsuccessfully tried to exit his vehicle after becoming caught in the floodwaters.

The death toll of Tropical Storm Harvey, which first made landfall Friday as a Category 4 hurricane, has reached 15 with the officer’s death, the newspaper reported.

by Just In via TruthFeed

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