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viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Canada FORCED to take DRASTIC Action to Stop Illegals From Flooding In

Canada is in an immigration pickle.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defiantly opened the floodgates to illegals and refugees in response to President Trump’s policies to rid our country of unvetted migrants.

Since then, the country has been desperately trying to plug the massive hole Trudeau has created, as thousands of people flood through willy nilly.

Canada is now sending soldiers in an attempt to regain control of their borders.

From Breitbart

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Canadian government is sending “about 100” soldiers to assist police and border guards at the remote road on the Quebec-New York border that has become the nexus of an outpouring of illegal aliens living in America.

The back road crossing, with no official border post, near Champlain, New York, and Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, has seen thousands of people, mostly Haitians residing in the United States, come by taxi and other conveyences to try to illegally enter Canada.

Typically, the outflow is reported as resulting from “fear” of the climate created for illegals in the United States.

Haitians in particular may be agitated because the “temporary protective status” (TPS) many of them were granted in the aftermath of that country’s devastating 2011 earthquakemay be coming to an end.

The status, granted by the Department of Homeland Security to specific groups of people suffering from war or natural disaster, has been extended time and again over the last seven years from its original six-month grant.

TPS was never meant to grant the Haitians covered by it permanent residence in the United States, and they were expected to return to Haiti when the disaster had passed.

In May, then-DHS Secretary John Kelly announced TPS for Haitians would be extended one more time, until January 2018, with a strong indication that this will be the final extension.

The Haitians now illegally entering Canada hope to avoid going back to their home country after the end of their special protection.

Others, including Africans in America on tourist visas, are trying to find permanent homes in Canada under the sameasylum seeker system loophole.

If they crossed at an official border post, their claim would be adjudicated immediately, but since they cross at this back road, they can stay in Canada while their applications pend.

by Eren Moreno via TruthFeed

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