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lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

CNN Refuses to Show These Videos of Antifa Using Violence in Berkeley

Today, in Berkeley, Alt-Left Antifa thugs rioted in the streets against a small group of moderate conservatives and Trump supporters.

These people were not Alt-Right, white supremacists, or ‘Neo Nazis’ at all; they were just patriotic Americans.

That didn’t stop the Antifa savages from brutally beating and pummeling these peaceful people, and in some cases, even trying to kill them.

The thing that Americans need to realize, before it’s too late, is that Antifa is a violent Communist organization.

That may sound a bit “out there,” but they adhere to Bolshevik Communism and openly acknowledge it.

Bolshevism has been responsible for 100 million deaths or more in the past century alone, and this is the ideology that these Antifa thugs adhere to.

These shocking videos are just a glimpse of what Trump supporters (and the rest of America) faces at the hands of Antifa.

CNN has not shown ANY of these as it would destroy their fake narrative that Antifa are “the good guys,”

by Just In via TruthFeed

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