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sábado, 19 de agosto de 2017

LIBERAL LUNATICS Demand George Washington Be ERASED from U.S. History!

The video linked below may get under your skin, you may find it comical, or you may feel indifferent, but pay attention, because this is the mindset of the average leftist today.

The days of being taught to respect and admire our Founding Fathers, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and later presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, have ended; now, we’re seeing the results of the lack of education and nationalism in American schools.

It’s embarrassing to see how ignorant and childish the left has become, they are so conditioned to react to everything with emotions that they’re “triggered” by the darker parts of the history of our country.

When America was founded, life was different, yet these people are so offended by that, they would gleefully rewrite and erase the very history of our country itself.

George Washington and most of the Founding Fathers DID own slaves, as was the custom then; to purge them from the annals of history because their ways of life (400 years ago) isn’t up to modern day standards is childish and shameful.

At this point, we have allowed the militant and ignorant left dictate what parts of our history are “acceptable” to keep around, and if we continue to allow them to erase our past, they will not stop until we ourselves are gone.

When the Confederates, the Founding Fathers, and others are gone, they will eliminate the existence of our history and culture- from General Patton to Elvis and Johnny Cash, everything we hold dear will be erased.

If we do not take a stand against this radical liberal censorship, they will not stop until there’s nothing left.

by Just In via TruthFeed

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