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martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

President Trump is Fighting a Culture War Against the Radical Left

When comparing the culture in America today to just ten or fifteen years ago, the difference is alarming, especially the changes that occurred in just the last eight years alone.

It’s hard to recognize the country these days, as it has been so badly damaged by far-left wing ideology and experienced such a decline under Barack Obama that it barely resembles what it once was.

Where we once stood as a pillar of freedom and virtue, we have all but lost our way, and the culture in our great nation has declined into a cesspool of degeneracy and leftist lunacy…

That is, until the rise of President Trump, however.

The amazing thing about our president is that he is more than just one man; Trump truly embodies the average American, he is all of us, and he speaks AS us, not just FOR us.

President Trump resonated with the American people in many ways, but perhaps his ability to capture the frustration of our country, as we watched our culture being erased by liberal progressives and leftists, may be his most important quality.

Americans rallied behind Trump because he had no hesitation to call out the things we all felt, we were in desperate need of someone who saw the same things we saw, and he clearly noticed the things we were seeing happening to our great country.

As we watched our culture decline, and began to feel as if we were being squeezed out, Donald Trump came to embody a ray of light in the darkness of the Obama years, and he gave us hope.

Already, in just seven months, President Trump has done so much in order to wrench control of the country away from the globalists, elitists, and leftists, and has given it directly back to the people.

The decline of American culture is being reversed, piece by piece, and though it will take a long time to fully restore our country, Trump has given us the chance to really turn things around.

One way Trump has really struck back against the left has been through his defunding of the abortion mill called Planned Parenthood.
This radical leftist organization is more than just an abortion giant, but a politicized, money making operation.

By defunding these militant left-wingers, President Trump has shown that he listens to and respects the American people who did not feel comfortable with their tax dollars going to fund this organization, and the left hates him for doing it.

Another of Trump’s accomplishments, which may be his most important contribution to America in the long run, is an on-going process, and one which often goes overlooked.

President Trump is filling the Supreme Court with Republican conservatives, and has already appointed one strong conservative, Neil Gorsuch, to the Court.

Given the age of several other SCOTUS judges, Trump stands to be in the position of replacing several more over the next eight years; by doing this, he is stacking the deck in our favor, and creating a Supreme Court that leans predominately to the right.

In a stark contrast to former President Obama, President Trump has been extremely vocal in his support for our police officers as well, and is doing everything he can to make things better for them.

For far too long, our brave men and women of law enforcement have vilified and persecuted relentlessly by the left.

Obama took every opportunity to slag and besmirch the police, and encouraged an anti-cop atmosphere during his time in office.

This lead to the BLM domestic terrorists, and encouraged a bloody and disgusting trend of thugs killing police officers.

Thankfully, President Trump is reversing Obama’s dangerous, anti-cop agenda, and making sure our officers are both respected and protected.

Similarly, President Trump has shown to be completely the opposite of Obama when it comes to our military, too.

While Obama weakened the strength of the military by drastically cutting their budget and forcing his twisted far-left agenda on our heroic warriors, Trump has proven to strongly support them, and is giving them the funding and support they need.

Most recently, Trump proved that he’s listening to our soldiers and military leaders when he banned transgendered individuals from military service.

Whereas Obama used to military as another of his failed social experiments, Trump realizes that our fighting force is not a toy, and not to be used as a left-wing science project.

While there are so many more examples, these are a few that have stood out, especially recently.

We have a long fight ahead of us if we want to Make America Great Again, and that will include years of battling against the forces of the militant left, who have worked overtime to alter our country in ways that have left it unrecognizable.

One thing is certain, President Trump is making things happen, and he’s getting amazing results.

After eight dark and bleak years, America finally has hope again.

H/T – PatriotBeat

by Just In via TruthFeed

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