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viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

SHOCKING Report! DNC Has A Mole – It Was An Inside Job!

We are even now trying to puzzle out what transpired with the DNC hack which revealed the entire world what was truly going on concealed from the public view with the Democrats.

Many think that Russia is behind this.

Although this does not really seem sensible taking into consideration Russia would much rather get Hillary president rather than Trump. Furthermore, considering how effortlessly they stepped all over the woman when she was in the State Department.

Other people think that the actual hack was an internal job performed by somebody inside the Democrat Party.

A Brand New Report Appears To Confirm That The DNC…

From Weasel Zippers through Law Newz:

A new statement says that the Russians didn’t hack the DNC. Nor else-as regularly alleged through the mainstream press, anti-Trump politicians, and liberal intelligentsia.

The actual Nation‘s Patrick Lawrence published a lengthy report on the results made by numerous computer specialists formerly employed the NSA. Released this week, the actual left-wing magazine’s report records two bases for the bottom line. Furthermore, the two bases are:

  1. Difficult science implies that a remote hack from the DNC servers causing the actual breach that really occurred might have been technically impossible;
  2. Forensic overview of the initial Guccifer 2. Zero documents show that they are badly-concealed copy-paste jobs meant to finger Russia.

Lawrence, by the specialists’ findings, proves that the alleged “hack” was really an inside job by somebody with inner access to the actual DNC’s pc network. Quite simply, the DNC has a leak.

It Adds up!

Seth Rich? That appears to be the theory coming from a lot of individuals on the web.

The actual mainstream press sure does not like discussing it although.

Furthermore, even if this wasn’t him, certainly seems like it was somebody within the DNC which completely hits the media’s Russia story from the water.

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