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sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Unexpected Announcement! ICE Just Put Out Information That Should Make All Illegal Immigrants Panic!!

There has a developing a conversation about the usage of the words – illegal immigrants. “Immigrant” (up till the 1970s) had been utilized especially to illustrate “legal” migrants. However, Leftists possessed the capability to exploit the language and use it to portrait the culprits in a softer way.

Several Leftists are angry at the word “alien,” usually contending that “aliens originated in space!”. As ridiculous as it may be, it makes sense why they prefer to tame the language via a dialect; the illegal immigrants are their number one voters. Like it or not, the “joke” regarding “undocumented Democrats” is legitimate and has been proven. However, it has been ignored to a great extent by the mainstream press.

Liberals will lose their mind after the latest statement by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The current Director made it crystal clear: “There are absolutely no illegal immigrants that are safe from deportation”.

Based on the acting ICE director, there might be as many as twelve million illegal immigrants in the US.  Approximately 400, 000 could be deported this year.

Thomas Homan stated the number might be greater, but no illegal immigrants in the country should be “comfortable” now.

Homan stated those who go over the border illegally need to be aware that someone will be after them.

“[President Trump] basically gave us the green light to do our jobs and focus on implementing the law. There are no illegal immigrants that are safe from deportation, as we are finally able to do our jobs. “– Homan stated.

No Illegal Immigrants Are Safe From Deportation

Homan said in case you enter the U. S. illegally, and commit a crime, the law will be upon you.  He additionally gave an angry message to the MS-13 gang in a Daily Caller talk.

“My gang is larger than theirs and we’ll take them out,” he stated. Additionally, he stated they would make good on the guarantee of POTUS to arrest or deport these gang members.

FYI: Rush Limbaugh has been asked for years and years what are his thoughts on illegal immigrants. Leftists throughout the years have recognized his effect with voters and have pushed him to “see things their way.”

In a very intriguing choice of words, Limbaugh conceded he would permit to recommend for an excuse with 1 stipulation. He stated migrants could not vote in support of 10 years. Seems a little price to pay for progress to be obviously lawful, right? Nevertheless, not a single Democrat would agree on that.  It makes you wonder.

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