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martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

Vicente Fox gets REAMED by Trump Supporters after Failed Troll Attempt

The disgraced, former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, has had a longstanding beef with President Trump.

Fox, whose disastrous leadership of his own country, has been steaming mad at Trump ever since his victory, largely because he ended up with egg on his face after saying Trump could never win the election.

Since the results came in, the failure of a leader has been bitter and resentful, and frequently uses Twitter to go on semi-coherent rants and take shots at our president.

After apparently one-too-many tequilas, Fox decided to try his hand at trolling President Trump, but couldn’t be bothered to come up with original material.

Instead, he recycled a line from a left-wing rag, and attempted to pass it off as his own…

Trump supporters were quick to let the disgraced cartel puppet of a “leader” know exactly what they thought of his comments, and where he could shove them…

by Just In via TruthFeed

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