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sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

VIDEO : Jay Sekulow DEMANDS Talking Points on the Lynch Tarmac Meeting

Documents have officially been released on the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meetings.

But of course, the Department of Justice withheld the talking points on the meeting.

Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, is demanding the release of the information, and points out that the DOJ shouldn’t even be using political talking points, to begin with.

Sounds like more Democrat collusion and cover ups.

Under Obama’s administration, agencies like the DOJ were politicized, whereas they should always remain politically neutral.

By appointing people like Loretta Lynch to head the DOJ and other agencies, Obama forced his left-wing agenda into areas that it never should have been, causing mass-scale corruption and a complete lack of ethics.

Watch the video:

by Eren Moreno via TruthFeed

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