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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

VIDEO: Sarah Palin About To Get Another Win For The Republicans! Check Out This AMAZING Discovery!

Sarah Palin is actually giving us a reminder as for why we voted for Trump, he doesn’t back down. Apparently nor does she. The fact is the significant wins that Republicans experienced during the elections, reminded the US that they are ready to fight for the people. We are tired of reading that we’re racist, idiotic, or gun crazy, while we are trying to protect our people. Furthermore, not one of the Republicans went to our own defense, except for Trump. This time Sarah Palin is fighting back too. When the New York Times pointed at her about the shooting associated with Gabby Giffords, Palin fought back hard. In any case, nobody expected the lawsuit against the New York Times to get this far …

All things are taken into account, it has. This is pretty amazing indeed. The actual New York Times writer is called to testify in court.

Additionally, in the event that you understand anything about these kinds of cases, well… that just doesn’t happen. Palin will certainly win.

Allen B. West states:

The unfortunate thing for the New York Times, however former governor Palin got the best news regarding her lawsuit. The writer of the article is asked to testify in court.

Palin to win against the New York Times in Gabby Giffords article lawsuit

We may think that this is not much, but the truth is different. For the most types of lawsuits, this is completely normal. But lawsuits against journalists are a bit different.

This is a massive win for Palin simply because most people at this time in this type of lawsuit tend not to get witnesses to testify. This could help her legal team massively and give new evidence to support their stance.

If the New York Times was aware that Gabby Giffords situation had nothing with Palin, the writer is TOAST! You simply cannot print out lies for people that have done nothing wrong.

Overall, the claim is: how will the judge determine if the Gabby Giffords story is untrue? Simply ask as to if this person examines his own statements in the New York Times.

This is weird because this paper printed a story saying: ‘Sarah Palin had not been at fault for the situation with Gabby Giffords.’

That implies that this particular editorialist will either be liable or is just a shitty reporter. As he doesn’t even bother to double check his statements.

The near future looks very promising for Palin and the Republicans. Give em hell! Trump approves and supports this action.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and check out future developments regarding this lawsuit.

Thank you for your attention!

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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