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domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Who Is Responsible For Cops Stepping Aside and Disregard Antifa Violence Around the US?

Events that are NOT financed by leftist, have the Police step aside and allow violence towards attendees by Antifa members. Rare arrests were made to the people committing these types of heinous works.

These chaotic groups, such as Antifa, are now provoking murder at the events. Who is permitting this to occur? Will the FBI please check out these organizations and who is ordering the authorities to allow them to splurge violence?

Within March 2016, Donald Trump was pushed to cancel his event in Chicago because of violent Antifa rioters.


In June 2016, Trump followers were beaten, attacked, egged, hunted down, tackled while they were leaving the San Jose event. This attack was done by  Philippine nationalist, Socialist, SEIU as well as Antifa thugs.

A female Trump fan was egged and spat on by a bunch of Mexican nationalists shouting “F*ck you!” Additionally, a Trump ally was cold-cocked with a handbag of rocks while approaching his vehicle and was left bleeding.

Trump supporters were running to save their lives

The San Jose Police launched documents of the planned raw assault associated with Trump followers. A San Jose Officer documented that he saw a number of Trump supporters getting smacked, kicked as well as pushed. However, the police do very little to safeguard them.

A Liberal teacher, Eric Canton hit a Trump follower WITH A BICYCLE LOCK whilst on Antifa side at the Berkeley Trump event. The police had been ordered to stand down in Berkeley.

The police additionally were informed to remain calm a year ago in Baltimore when BLM rioters burned down the town.

Yesterday in a white supremacist event within Charlottesville, people were murdered. Violent fascist rioters such as Antifa were there to disrupt the event.

(We don’t support neo-Nazis however; we additionally do not condone violent attacks against any individual.)

Other witnesses are coming out with the same horrific information about Antifa members

One daring reporter named Faith Goldy was just 5ft away from where a crazy lunatic mowed through people with a car. Goldy noted that the police wasn’t around when the incident occurred.

The neo-Nazis were informed stop their demonstration but the BLM, as well as Antifa, were permitted to continue their protesting.

Antifa and BLM continued protesting when the car made appeared and run over individuals.

ACLU verifies that law enforcement was given a stand-down order.

How many more will be criminally attacked as well as murdered before the Police start doing their job? Do they need to arrest these rioters like racist BLM as well as Antifa fascists? Who is the driving force behind these chaotic criminal acts? The FBI needs to investigate this!

More… Dan Bongino went on FOX to talk about the Charlottesville riots and violent attacks.

Bongino also commented on the fact that a lot of these events are getting extremely violent.

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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