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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

WTF? As Melania Helps in Texas, Bitter Liberals are Focused on THIS

In yet another display of extreme bias and a complete lack of class or decency, the liberal media has focused on something ridiculous as First Lady Melania Trump headed to Texas to help.

Rather than covering the relief work and support our First Lady is giving to those in need, the hateful media instead chose to criticize her for her SHOES.

That’s right, the lying liberal media chose to focus on Melania’s choice of footwear, rather than her hard work in helping the people of Texas.

This is typical of the mainstream media, sadly, and has come to be expected from the fake news propagandists; the entire fake news media has openly become something of an anti-Trump attack squad.

It’s sad to see that our media, who should be coordinating their efforts to help as many people as possible, has become so obsessed with attacking our president (and his family) that they are willing to ignore the many people in danger during this national disaster.

The media’s hatred of President Trump is tangible at this point, and now their vitriol has hurt the American people once more.

From The Hill

First lady Melania Trump’s office on Tuesday morning fired back at reporters who criticized her attire while heading to Texas to visit the areas damaged by Hurricane Harvey, saying it is “sad” that some people are concerned about fashion during a national disaster.

Trump’s communications director in a statement released to CNN ripped reporters for being “worried about her shoes” during an “active and ongoing natural disaster.”

The statement from Trump’s office comes after a score of media reports earlier emerged centering on the first lady’s stiletto-style shoes, which the Mirror called “the most inappropriate clothes imaginable” in a headline.

“The First Lady was savaged for donning aviators and a towering pair of stiletto heels as she began the journey today,” the article reads.

by Just In via TruthFeed

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