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sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

At Least One NFL Icon Is Not Crazy! Watch Him Giving The Protesters A Piece Of His Mind!

A minimum of one NFL icon – ex – Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings celebrity Herschel Walker – has had enough using the league’s anthem-kneeling protests.

As outlined by TMZ, within a video that has gone viral, Walker gave his support to President Donald Trump. He belittled both the players who were kneeling as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for permitting the protests.

“I believe it means creating a league-wide guideline that if you wish to protest, protest off the job, ” Walker stated. “Where was everybody before the season began? I didn’t notice anyone protesting before the White House, protesting before Congress or protesting before law enforcement officers. Why do we wait till football season to begin this again? In case you’re behind it, you have to be behind it all in.

“If you wish to protest, do it off the job, ” he recommended.

Even while he stated that there have been difficulties with racism in your country, Walker stated that the anthem protests weren’t the best way to change anything at all – especially not once they were aimed at Trump.

“We can’t simply point our finger at one person, and many of the ones you can not point it at the president,” Walker stated.

At the same time, he called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to place an end to the newest round of anthem-kneeling.

“I believe everyone should stand, everybody has to be respectful,” Walker stated. “The commissioner at this point needs to manage this.”

It’s really worth noting that Walker is really a personal buddy of the president’s. Back in the nineteen-eighties, Walker played for the Trump-owned New Jersey Generals in the USFL. A short-lived early spring football league which competed with the NFL. He has also shown up on “The Apprentice.”

Nonetheless, Walker’s remarks are just right. The only thing these types of anthem protests are altering is the approach on a lot of TVs, as increasing numbers of Americans change the NFL off. When the NFL players prefer to protest, there are lots of ways to do it which don’t happen during the game and do not involve the actual anthem as well as the flag.

That is a lesson for lots of people.

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