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jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017

Californians Stunned To Learn That Sacramento Is Paying Over $1.5 Million Directly To…

It is typical of our federal government to not bow to the demands of terrorists. We have stated it time and time again. We will not negotiate with these murderers. They will never keep their word and we will be sorry to have given them funding or released their comrades in exchange for the hoped-for peace.

Look at what has occurred in Spain. Years ago, after the subways were bombed in Madrid, the Spanish government immediately capitulated and not only paid the terrorists, but also pulled out of the multi-national offensive against al-Qaeda. What happened just this year? More terrorism on a grander scale.

Californians, however, are a different breed of people. This predominantly Leftist state has written nearly every single policy to be that of a polar opposite to the majority opinion of Americans. Now, while they have a right to do that, we also have an obligation to point out the obvious stupidity of it all. Case in point: Sacramento has ponied up $1.5M to people to keep the peace on their streets. To whom was this incentive (or some would call it “bribery”) money paid? Gang members and street thugs!

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The Daily Mail:

Sacramento just pledged $1.5 million to combat gun-related gang violence. It was a measure pushed up in the city council’s agenda after a recent deadly gang shooting.

But that’s not $1.5 million for police, the district attorney’s office for criminal prosecution or prisons to keep felons off the streets.

Hold on to your wallets. The city council voted unanimously to pay 50 known gang members suspected of the majority of the crimes, including those committed with firearms, to be paid directly from the city’s general fund.

While California politicians trip over themselves to punish legal gun owners, build obstacles to limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and draft laws that punish firearms-related businesses and drive them out of state, they now want to pay known gang members to just not commit crimes.

That’s right. They want to pay criminals with tax dollars to do what law-abiding members of society do every day because they live within the norms and laws of society.

The city council said it is modeling the program with Advance Peace, which designed their intervention program in Richmond, Calif., to stem gang-related violence there. It’s not just the city council and Mayor Darrell Steinberg that thinks this is a good idea, but also Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

Close friends of the most recent gun-murder victim think the program is absurd. Allen Brown asked, “How’s the vote going to change anything? It’s up to the community to change. You know what I mean? It’s just senseless.”

They do not engage in law enforcement at all, and I have been told that if they become aware of one of the participants committing crime, they will NOT notify law enforcement.”

California is dreaming to think punishing law-abiding citizens and business while paying criminals to just not shoot someone provides any answer to reducing crime.

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So, even though this legislation isn’t a done deal, if we know California, an asinine law will never stop the state from enacting it. If I could put money on this, I would be willing to be that most of the Sacramento residents would be applauding this “bold new initiative.”

Of course, I could be wrong. With California on the verge of bankruptcy and now releasing illegal alien violent offenders into the streets because they can no longer pay to keep the prisons open, I would venture to say that perhaps…just perhaps…residents might be a little bit reticent about this particular law.

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by Gary Maher via USA Politics Today

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