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sábado, 23 de septiembre de 2017

Do You Think Mike Pence Is A Good Leader For Our Country?

Mike Pence is the Vice President of the United States. The former Indiana governor, 57, was picked to be Donald Trump’s running mate in 2016 and now stands “a heartbeat from the presidency”.

Here’s everything you need to know about him.

There is chatter of impeachment in Washington following the appointment of a special counsel to investigate links between the Trump campaign and Russia. If the president is impeached and removed from office, which at the moment is unlikely, there would not be another election – Mr Pence would simply take over.

Mr Pence was raised a Democrat by Irish-Catholic parents in Indiana, and considered John F Kennedy one of his first heroes. His conversion to born-again Christianity, and the influence of Ronald Reagan, saw him shift to the Right of the political spectrum.

Before entering Congress he worked as a Right-wing radio host, describing himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf”. He married his wife Karen in 1985 and they have three children – Michael, Charlotte and Audrey.

Mike Pence was considered a safe choice when he was appointed last year. He’s a long-serving Republican official with close ties both to the party establishment and grassroots.

Members of the Republican establishment have lauded him for his experience and his solid conservative credentials.

Pence has been in office for 16 years, first as a member of Congress and, from 2013, as Indiana’s governor.

While in office he pushed for a reduction in government spending, gaining a reputation as a fiscal conservative. He endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 Republican primaries, and has been praised by Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, who has described him a “personal friend” and a “movement conservative”.

 Pence is also an Evangelical Christian, and was an early supporter of the Tea Party movement.

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