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jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017

Every Red-Blooded American Should Be Proud Of This! Trump Starts To Break …

Homeland Security announced during the week that the Trump government has begun building of the border wall between southern US and Mexico. Smashing ground in San Diego on 8 different versions to be presented across the nation. Customs and Border Protection Agency also confirms this.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency released the new wall versions. 4 fences depending on concrete and 4 other offering alternate technology, such as large clear barriers.

We are devoted to securing our own border, and building the border wall. Said the actual acting deputy commissioner at CBP. “Moving forward using the prototypes means that we can continue to include all the resources necessary to safe our national borders.”

Border wall is happening! Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Protection Agency confirm the wall on the southern border

President Trump’s 2017 budget designated funds to check versions of the physical barrier, as well as substitute and repair outdated parts of pre-existing fencing. His 2018 plan requires $1. 6 billion to create new parts of the border wall in California and Texas.

Trump frequently called for the the southern part of the border wall throughout his presidential strategy and before it. There are approximately 350 miles of pre-existing fences across the nearly 2,000 mile border between US as well as Mexico.

View as the government busts ground below.

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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