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martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Finally! Sharpton Just Got Arrested After Fleeing Scene Of The Crime, Charges Include…

Once a hustler, always a hustler. That’s the old edict that explains many times what happens in life when one follows a path that is less than honest. For Al Sharpton, that appears to fit the bill. The man is a living example of the hustler and the ambulance-chaser all rolled up into one. One of the most reviled men in the country, Sharpton has made controversy and art form and race hustling a lifestyle.

But these kinds of people and their chosen path have effects on other parts of their lives as well; particularly, their children. When a shoplifting mother brings her children along with her, they learn that breaking the law isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you don’t get caught. Sharpton has been teaching his children throughout their lives that stretching the law or telling lies is acceptable, as long as you don’t get caught.

Sharpton’s daughter, 30-year-old Ashley, was recently involved in a scuffle with a cab driver and after taking his keys and tossing them into the street, she left the scene without paying the cabbie. She is now facing charges of petty larceny!

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Al Sharpton’s daughter got arrested on her 30th birthday after she allegedly attacked a cab driver and stole his keys.

Ashley Sharpton, 30, was charged with petty larceny after police say she got into a brief scuffle with the Manhattan cab driver before grabbing his keys and throwing them in the street, the New York Post reported.

I threw your keys in the street,” Ashley allegedly told the driver.

Sharpton piled into a cab with a group of friends after a night of partying in Manhattan around 1:00 a.m., reportedly telling the driver, “Just go, just go.”

The cab driver, frustrated that he did not have a destination to take these women, pulled over at the corner of West 48th Street and 9th Avenue and demanded that his passengers give him clearer directions, sources said.

Sharpton, who sat in the front passenger’s seat, allegedly took the keys out of the ignition and threw them in the street.

The cab driver got out of his vehicle and tried to get the keys back from her, police said.

“Give me my keys back,” he reportedly told Sharpton.

“I don’t have your keys,” she allegedly said, later telling him that she threw them in the street.

Police say that they obtained footage from one of Sharpton’s friends that shows her allegedly hitting the driver in the chest.

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Sharpton fled the scene before police officers found her on West 45th Street around 3:00 a.m. and took her into custody. Authorities gave her a desk appearance ticket and then released her.

Like father, like daughter. In fact, he’s so proud of his daughter that he sent her a birthday wish on Twitter, calling her “a strong black woman and committed activist.” Apparently, he forgot to mention “committed nuisance to cab drivers,” to that litany.

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His other daughter, Dominique, 31, has also been involved in a lawsuit where she is suing the City of New York for $5M! She apparently tripped and fell there and incurred five-million dollars worth of Band Aids and antiseptic for her scraped knee. Still awaiting Al’s tweet on this daughter and her “amazing ability to bring it in a courtroom!”

Source: Breitbart

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