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jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

ISIS Wants To POISON Our Food And Jihadists To Attack Hurricane Harvey Shelters!

ISIS issued a telegram that urges lone-wolf jihadists in the USA to target support shelters in Texas which have Hurricane Harvey survivors sheltered. This was reported by SITE Intelligence Team.

“To all the lone warrior jihadists in the US, go to Texas and attack all the Hurricane Harvey support shelters. Make sure to provide lots of “supplies” to put the infidels out of their misery. ” This is followed by a number of emojis describing explosions, bomb, and other aggressive symbols.

Hurricane Harvey that primarily hit Texas pushed thousands of people to evacuate their own homes and take refuge in support shelters. There are at least 60 people dead and the damage estimation is at $180 billion.

ISIS also called for assaults on EU countries and the US, in honor of the “Sacrifice Feast” Eid al Adha. Meanwhile, an additional message urged jihadists to attack innocent people by injecting poison into foods in Western supermarkets.

ISIS urges jihadists in Texas to attack support shelters that shelter Hurricane Harvey survivors

Besides Texas, it is not the first time that ISIS called for assaults against US civilians. In 2016, ISIS called for the actual “slaughter” of people participating in the election. Additionally, they urged jihadists to “make this year’s presidential election an enormous catastrophe like the US has never seen.”

Fortunately, absolutely no jihadists performed any acts of violence.

They have also urged for followers to do “lone wolf” jihadists attacks, and plow into crowds with vehicles.

ISIS has approved the use of chemical substance weapons in the past. Within May, a report from the London Times discovered that they had carried out chemical weaponry experiments on humans.

Meanwhile, in March, ISIS also utilized a chemical agent against females and children to slow the freedom of their capital.

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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