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viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2017

Susan Rice finally confesses! She is the one that unmasked members of the Trump team!

Susan Rice admitted that she unmasked Trump team members even though previously this year she denied understanding anything about this. Susan Rice was asked on March 22 regarding allegations which Trump officials had been swept up within surveillance by foreigners.

I understand nothing about this,” Susan Rice had stated at the time.

But last week, she told the home intelligence panel that she had unmasked Trump changeover team members. This was done to be able to understand why the Emirati prince visited NY a year ago.

She stated the government “felt misled” by the UAE, who had not mentioned that the prince was visiting the country.

Susan Rice admission additionally showed which Trump team members had been indeed trapped in the monitoring of an overseas target. This confirmed the suspicions by Trump that his team was being surveilled.

The other target was evidently the Emiratis, who call themselves “close friends as well as strong allies” of the US.

During an April interview, Susan Rice laid out the hypothetical situation of an overseas agent trying to buy bomb materials from the US.

“Is this some lunatic sitting in his living room connecting via the internet, proposing to sell something he doesn’t have? Or is it a serious person or corporation with the capability to deliver that equipment perhaps to an enemy? Therefore it was necessary to assess the information.” Susan Rice said.

Susan Rice unmasked Trump team members after she first denied it

An unnamed senior told CNN that the UAE did not “mislead” the Federal government about the prince’s visit. However, they admitted not informing the US government about this in advance.

He said the conference took place in December and had been “simply an attempt to build the relationship with senior people of the Trump team who will be working with them.”

“The meeting had been about ascertaining if Trump has the same idea as them in the US – UAE relations. “No one had been coming to buy anything or even arrange anything at all. ”

The prince met along with several of Trump authorities including Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and his strategist Steve Bannon.

This meeting happened before an attempt by the UAE to facilitate a “back-channel communication” among Russia and the incoming government.

Sources informed CNN that this discussion dedicated to a range of problems, including Yemen, Iran and the Middle East process. However, opening a back-channel with Russia was not talked about.

The purpose of the actual meeting had been reportedly an attempt by the UAE to convince Russia in order to curtail the relationship along with Iran.

The Middle East official recognized that the prince was not talked about at the Trump Tower conference. Additionally, the prince has said himself he was generally there for business.

Representative Tom Rooney informed CNN he did not find anything to think that Susan Rice did anything “illegal.”

Unmasking is not unlawful, although seeping unmasked names is unlawful. Intelligence including Trump’s previous national protection adviser Michael Flynn had been leaked. Till this date, there is no evidence on who leaked the file about Flynn.

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