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jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

These Border Walls Are Now Funded To The Tune Of $476 Million — Guess Who Got The Bill?

We might like to think of ourselves as the undisputed world leader, and it’s true that Americans have much for which to be justly proud. As a relatively young nation, our impact has been profound. And our development of industry and technology have been of benefit to most of the world. Our charitable acts on behalf of other countries are a given. Our system of government, while not perfect, is a model for other countries seeking to bring freedom and prosperity to their people.

Yet we have plenty of faults, and humility is a virtue well worth our practicing. In that regard, we can look at the success Hungary is experiencing with regard to controlling immigration and the method they are using to do so, and perhaps learn a thing or two from our friends in that part of the world.

Specifically, Hungary has built a border fence to protect the nation, and given its geographical location, the European continent, from hoards of radical Muslim migrants. That the US could be so forward-thinking and fortunate as our Hungarian friends.

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“Hungary wants the European Union to pay half the bill for the razor-wired fence it erected in 2015 to keep migrants out, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration announced Thursday.

“The fence has virtually erased illegal immigration into Hungary less than two years after it was considered the primary route for migrants attempting to enter the EU. Janos Lazar, Orban’s chief of staff, claims the 400 million euro ($476 million) figure is justified since the fence is “protecting all the citizens of Europe from the flood of illegal migrants.”

“‘If we talk about European solidarity, then we must also discuss the protection of borders. Solidarity must be applicable there, too,’ Lazar said at a press conference. ‘That burden must also be shared.’”

Note that the fence “virtually erased illegal immigration” for less than one-half of a billion dollars. Is that not reason enough to ring the bell and declare success? The EU needs to write Hungary the check.

Unfortunately, the EU refuses to get the message and instead persists in holding the same dangerous notions held by the US left. No wonder Europeans with sense want out of the EU. The thing is a menace to the people of Europe.

“The EU has taken legal action against Hungary over its refusal to accept refugees. Hungary has repeatedly defended itself by saying the measures are meant to serve the entire continent.”

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But Hungary is not backing down:

“‘It was not unknown what the most effective way to handle illegal border crossings is. Like it or not, and that’s the point we always make, there is no more effective way [to stop] illegal border crossings than building a physical barrier,’ Kovacs told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a recent interview. ‘You might not like it, it’s not a nice thing, but … the only way to stop illegal border crossings is [to] first build a fence, man it, equip it, and also, in parallel, build up your capabilities in terms of legal confines, legal circumstances to be able to handle what is coming.’”

One wonders if it would be possible for Mr. Kovacs to address Americans as his remarks make so much sense. Border walls and fences are not inherently pleasing structures to look at. But neither are prisons or other security measures such as those in airports. Yet they serve the purpose of reducing crime in a world where people are not perfect, and in which some are downright evil.

And if Islamic lands and Sharia law are so wonderful, why are these Muslims so eager to leave those lands and enter cultures that are utterly foreign to their beliefs and ways of life? Are they just nice people who want to help correct the alleged errors in European and other western cultures? Or are they cultural invaders on a mission to change the world regardless of the rights of others and how they wish to believe and live?

Sadly, the latter sees more likely. Hence it is time to build the walls and fences.

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