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sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

They Are Trying To Push Us Down But This Coach Is Not Giving Up!

All of us currently reside in a country where it is viewed as offensive in order to openly kneel in prayer and heroic to kneel throughout the national anthem.

This is actually the insane dual standard which former senior high school football trainer Joe Kennedy indicated with an appearance on The Story with Martha MacCallum.

Trainer Kennedy had been placed on compensated leave as associate coach for Bremerton School football team in 2015. He declined a school management order to quit kneeling within the field in plea right after games.

When their contract had not been renewed, he sued the institution district. Lately, the ultra-left Ninth Circuit has rejected him to have their job back again as the situation continued.

However, what is strange is how lot NFL players are lauded for kneeling for the national anthem whilst he got fired.

“I cannot wrap my head all over it,” Kennedy stated. “I’m a Marine. I would like the same legal rights for everybody. What pertains to one should affect every American. ”

Joe Kennedy reminded us about the importance of the 1st amendment and right to religion

Based on the court, his lawyer states, his situation is different simply because he was a public worker and that he failed to make his prayer private. Simply because he did it at a general public school functionality and “people in the stands” could notice him.

The appeal they prepared states this is due to “a sweeping as well as unconstitutional concept; Public school-teachers and instructors have no 1st Amendment legal rights whenever they tend to be ‘in watch of pupils. ‘”

The distinction between the method Coach Kennedy is handled and the method NFL players are handled is impressive. You might say there exists a difference among a high college football trainer and an NFL player, which is correct. However, simply look at how Joe Kennedy was handled for openly displaying their faith within the field.

Kennedy bothered nobody as this individual quietly interceded, by them self, following football games. He refused the school administration request and made the bold endure to pray.

When Colin Kaepernick kneeled, not in plea however in a coldly anti-American demonstration that was said to be about black people wiped out by law enforcement.

However, he mainly just insulted those that fought against, bled, as well as died for the country; while being hailed as the nationwide civil rights leading man. When their contract was not renewed simply because he was the average quarterback, there were demonstrations outside the NFL HQ.

Coach Kennedy reminds the NFL players that they are not the most important in the whole country

Our own country does not have any more regard for 1st Amendment and the free practice of religious beliefs. Coach Kennedy created a much bigger stand by remaining true to their God within the football area. Just like Daniel facing the actual lion’s den than NFL players perform by taking the knee throughout the anthem just like lemmings bouncing off the cliff.

It is time folk’s wake up to the absurd double-standards and be reminded what liberty really means.


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