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miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

This Letter By A Former US Marine Shows The NFL What USA Is All About …

As increasing numbers of NFL players and NFL teams still disrespect the actual nationwide anthem by kneeling each week. Americans everywhere will still speak out against them, especially anyone who has served our own nation guarding our liberties. These NFL multi-millionaire sports athletes are definitely not special. Additionally, certainly completely far from the genuine heroes, numerous who have served our nation and offered their lives.

Here’s an example of a previous fan as well as US Marine who simply could not take the NFL players’ disrespect anymore.

Retired Marine Col. Jeffrey Powers did not hold anything at all back in their condemnation from the NFL with regard to sitting as well as allowing players to kneel in demonstration of the nationwide anthem.

Within a scathing Facebook postdated through 2016, Powers explained their passion to the issue. He said he constantly got season seat tickets to Yankee Stadium as well as Giant Arena. Until he got deployed.

All of us couldn’t agree with the fact more. Even though this letter was created a year ago, it really is as appropriate as ever and demands to be distributed far and wide. We have to remember the massive sacrifices our heroes make every day for our nation. Numerous made the greatest sacrifice therefore millionaires may have the right to disrespect USA.

In case you support this particular US Marine and our own soldiers as well as believe JUST ABOUT ALL Americans which includes those within the NFL ought to STAND as well as support our own nation’s anthem…. MAKE SURE YOU SHARE!


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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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