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martes, 26 de septiembre de 2017

This MADNESS Has To STOP! DEFUND NFL Stadiums! The Taxpayer Money Spent….

Earlier this weekend, as increasing numbers of NFL players and groups continued to disrespect our own flag, our own nation, as well as our army, more and more followers, burned the NFL jerseys in disappointment.

Let’s have one thing upright. This is NOT regarding RACE or even inequality. Also, this is NOT for your RIGHT to kneel. This IS regarding DISRESPECTING the actual flag, our own nation as well as our army. Do you want to kneel? Do it in your OWN time NOT during a good NFL game and definitely not during the nationwide anthem.

In case Americans, as well as NFL followers, want to deliver a serious message to the NFL and their players – contact your Senators and Associates and let them know to STOP UTILIZING American taxpayers’ money – YOUR MONEY to finance stadiums. That could certainly deliver the NFL owners as well as players an assured message. In case NFL players want to put their noses at the national anthem, People in America should put their noses right back as well as DEFUND their own stadiums!

Because countless players decline to stand for the national anthem, numerous patriotic sports fans through the entire country will be ready to throw in the towel – and now the proposal within Congress might cut off a significant source of financing to the progressively anti-American teams.

According to The Daily Caller, you can find expenses in the U.S. House and the United States Senate which would suspend the use of government funding for your construction of professional sports activities stadiums.

The actual legislation had been proposed this summer, and today has restored interest since the unpatriotic spectacle within the NFL proceeds. Oklahoma Republican Representative Steve Russell released the very first bill in recent months, and the suggestion already has its own bipartisan assistance.

“The government is responsible for lots of important features, but funding sports stadiums for multi-billion dollar franchises is certainly not one of these, ” Representative Russell described.

That funding often occurs in the form of city and county bonds that funnel taxpayer money into major sports activities stadiums plans.

“For the previous 17 years, 36 expert athletic stadiums have been constructed or refurbished by government tax-exempted city and county bonds. This particular cost the people 3.2 billion dollars,” the Caller described, citing info from the Brookings Institute.

Advocates of using taxpayer cash to fund expert sports stadiums often point out economic advancement to warrant the costs, however research implies that the discussion falls short.

“There is not any statistically substantial positive relationship between sports activities facility building and financial development, ” the Journal of Economic Perspectives described.

The paradox of multi-millionaire players protesting exactly the same country which frequently funds their stadiums is hilarious if this wasn’t additionally so annoying.

Ending this particular unconstitutional practice would be a wise decision even if the protests weren’t ongoing, but seeing spoiled sports athletes take a knee is the ideal opportunity to help remind sports leagues that the globe doesn’t include them.

Therefore to all the actual NFL players and proprietors who certainly don’t prefer the fans that support their own salaries and the stadiums, it is time to state NO MORE! Should you be unable to respect our own flag, our own nation as well as our army – you don’t deserve our tax funds for the stadiums! It is time to #Defund Stadiums!

Americans lost over 3.7 BILLION dollars in income funding stadiums. It needs to stop now!

Here is a list of some of the NFL teams and stadiums that our bucks funded:

Indianapolis Colts – 214 million dollars

Chicago Bears – 205 million dollars

Cincinnati Bengals – 182 million dollars

Houston Texans – 147 million dollars

Seattle Seahawks – 101 million dollars

Arizona Cardinals – 94 million dollars

Dallas Cowboys – 88 million dollars

Philadelphia Eagles – 68 million dollars

Minnesota Vikings – 65 million dollars

Denver Broncos – 54 million dollars

Pittsburg Steelers – 44 million dollars

Green Bay Packers – 35 million dollars

Detroit Lions – 7 million dollars

In case Americans actually want to send the loud as well as a clear message to the NFL players as well as owners, particularly about how these people feel about NFL players kneeling during our own national anthem…call your Senator and Associates and let them know #Defund Stadiums.

Forget about American taxpayer funds ought to be used to account a stadium. These disrespectful NFL morons kneel to our nation’s flag as well as still disrespect those who have provided their life or offered our nation to defend this particular nation and the freedoms. It is time to #Defund Stadiums!

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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  1. Why in the world should the american TAX payer give the NFL tax money. Defund the NFL now. Use the money to build the wall!!!