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miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

VIDEO REMINDER: Obama Contended Executive Amnesty At Least 22 Times In The Past!

Ex-president Barack Obama came out and played the expected race card responding to President Trump cutting his beloved DACA act. However, at least 22 times before Obama contended executive amnesty because as he says “I am not a dictator”. Additionally, he stated Congress won’t allow this ever.

At least 22 times in the past Obama said he couldn’t perform executive amnesty himself. He then implemented the DACA act via executive action. “In bypassing the legislature, Obama coldly ignored the law that provides the foundation of our own democracy. Additionally, he also violated his presidential pledge to support US laws. ” Trump manages to do this perfectly.

Ex-President Obama was asked:

Mr. Obama, my issue will be the following: “With an executive amnesty and the DACA act, would you be able to quit deportations the students? We have obtained hundreds, if not thousands of questions from immigrants and also students. What if as a minimum you only offer temporary protection status to undocumented students? When will the answer be yes? And if it’s a negative answer, elaborate the reason. ”

Obama contended Trump even though he didn’t approve of executive amnesty nor the DACA act in the beginning in Congress

Obama answered:

“With regard to the belief that I may just postpone deportations via executive amnesty, that’s simply not the case. There are laws Congress passed in the past, and we must realize that there are 3 branches of administration. Congress goes by the law, the actual Executive branch’s job would be to enforce those laws, after which the Judiciary has to translate the regulations. There are sufficient laws in Congress which are very clear when it comes to how we need to enforce our own immigration laws and programs. Therefore to just, through executive amnesty allow the DACA act, interferes with my role as President of the United States.”

Watch him contradict himself 22 times:

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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