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lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

VIDEO STORY: Debbie Schultz Is Shaking In Her Boots! Imran Awan And His Wife Hina Alvi Are Getting A Plea Bargain!

You have to think that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz must be sweating like crazy. This is after the recent information about her former IT employees, Imran Awan, as well as Hina Alvi, his spouse. It seems Hina Alvi has “struck a deal” with prosecutors to return to America sometime the next week. Imran Awan and Hina Alvi face charges associated with cyber conspiracy as well as bank scams. However, all those could disappear with some type of plea bargain. If Hina Alvi is striking a deal, you can bet that her husband, Imran Awan will do the same. Does anybody want to bet that Schultz is going in the can?

United Thinker states:

Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi make plea offers and incriminate people that are in higher government. They were IT employees for the Democrats in the House, getting substantial wages, maybe because they performed cyber conspiracy.

Hina Alvi reportedly has made a great deal and will come back to the US from her indigenous Pakistan, where she previously fled. Her husband had been arrested in Dulles Airport terminal, attempting to do the actual same. Tom Shepherd reviews in the Examiner:

A record filed indicates which federal prosecutors have minted a deal along with Hina Alvi that could allow the girl to return to the US. However, she is requested to give her passport and not book any trips. The deal is only that Alvi is not arrested in front of her children when she arrives this September.

Alvi and Imran Awan, in particular, would be the focus of inspections by the FBI concerning cyber conspiracy. Additionally, missing equipment that was purchased by them is missing. It’s possible that they may have had entry to sensitive federal government information through the years.

Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi face charges of cyber conspiracy done by Schultz orders

We do not know in case Awan made a deal, however, but their wife may not be coming back if which were unlikely. Actually thanks for the job of Luke Rosiak from the Daily Caller, we have to think about the possibility which Awan continues to be playing the double- or even triple-game because of last April.

A laptop that Schultz fought frantically to keep prosecutors from analyzing may have been given to the police to find. It is believed that Imran Awan, did this on purpose.

This happened 4 months ago. The laptop was left presumably by Imran Awan on purpose for the police to find. The actual laptop had been found on the 2nd floor of the Rayburn building. Imran Awan didn’t have any reason to be there as Schultz offices are in the Longworth building.

Leaving behind important things there unintentionally would seem very unlikely.

Imran Awan is really a calculating individual who made excellent efforts, both digitally and in reality. Placing a laptop together with his personal files, which may incriminate him is not something he would do by mistake.

If Imran Awan thought it’s better with his crimes recorded, that indicates he anticipated something even worse than jail.

Schultz first stated that the laptop computer was hers and infamously bothered the police to give it back to her. Cyber conspiracy fraud hints?

Cyber conspiracy ordered by Schultz may be the main reason why she is so afraid

Now she actually is claiming it was Awan’s and that she never observed it. However:

Wasserman Schultz has employed an outside advice, William Pittard, to make sure the laptop computer is not analyzed. Pittard contended the data on the laptop holds ground that the laptop needs to be returned.

Amazing! Would you see that! Hopefully, Schultz has some cash herself. I am guessing there is some fascinating material upon that laptop computer. In fact, I am betting it is not only fascinating but really incriminating when it comes to Democrats and Schultz.

Prosecutors gave Imran Awan a duplicate of the hard disk of the laptop that Schultz tried to keep away from analyzing. That could suggest prosecutors intend to provide charges associated with the underlying cyber conspiracy.

Naturally, the hard-drive had been included in the trial even though Schultz said the laptop included House info on it. Let’s be real, ok?

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