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lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

And We Leave These People To Teach Our Kids? Vile Liberal Professor Celebrates …

Everyone who is not yet persuaded that liberal supporters have a psychological disorder; has not been at social networks since POTUS Trump’s inauguration. Each day the hateful rhetoric is actually escalated by liberals. They are unable to function within everyday community since they have been suffering from Trump derangement symptoms. Las Vegas shooting are just the latest disrespect.

Hollywood celebs tend to be holding up cut heads of our own President. Forgotten pop-stars such as Madonna that she would like to “blow up” the actual White House. Additionally, Black Lives Matter inspired a whole league associated with overpaid expert NFL sports athletes. They turned that which was a motion against our own brave police force officers into an anti-American, anti-Trump motion. Only 2 days ago within the SNL, Michael Che named President Trump a ‘cheap cracker’.

This particular tweet by a liberal woman who else states to be a “teacher, mom, sister as well as woman” might not come as pleasantly surprised to anybody who follows the hate vitriol the actual left spews on daily basis upon social networks. Unfortunately, this lady didn’t have the common politeness to keep her revolting detest for anyone who does not concur with her political stance within her superficial little mind. After the Las Vegas shootings she tweeted this.


Ann#TheResistance has deleted the Twitter accounts. If anybody knows this crazy liberal, that doesn’t care about lives lost in the Last Vegas shootings, it would be excellent if you might contact the college where the lady works, since it appears she actually is not steady enough to be left on her own with kids who might hold other political opinions.

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by Tiffany Walder via USA Politics Today

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