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domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Fox Sports Host BLOWS UP On The Air! He Called The American Flag…

Fox Sports co-host Shannon Sharpe lately lost it on the air throughout a discussion regarding football players who decide to protest throughout “The Star-Spangled Flag.”

This Friday’s episode of “Undisputed,” Sharpe went off on the rant concerning the flag – calling this a “piece of fabric” that “no one fights for.”

Sharpe, the previous tight end who played for your Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, described how he understood it was a symbol of patriotism, however then requested what the symbol actually meant.

That is the first signal he may not have a clue as to what he was trying to discuss.

“You continue to inform me that this flag indicates so much as well as its chance and independence and freedom. OK. Are you able to honestly say everybody in the USA has independence and liberties as well as possibilities,” he asked.

Then your former NFL player truly went off the deep end.

“We understand what the anthem was initially written for and just who it was authored by, OK? ” he stated.

“When did this story come to be that this military and also the police have the flag and just them? ” he carried on. “I can go ahead and buy a flag and I may hang it up in my yard. We need to quit this, Skip … The flag is really a piece of fabric and nobody fights for a bit of fabric.”

What has to stop is actually Sharpe’s mouth.

No one claimed the flag belonged to the actual military as well as policemen, however, those categories of people are really those who risk their lives so people like Sharpe can enjoy the liberty of speaking a lot of trash.

Take a look at this video, but be warned, it’s challenging to stomach:

It may be time to boycott Sharpe as well as his big mouth.

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